Hop Songs That Helped Define The ‘90s

A cellar door has emerged in Brooklyn thanks to the rap duo that's been flooring the likes of both Flying Lotus and Portugal. Uplifting, music significantly increases our energy levels making us more productive whilst unconscious music stirs unpleasant emotional feeling states, agitation and fitfulness, depression, mood swings, lethargy etc. During the mid 1990s in the midst of a West Coast reign on the rap world, New York was awarded a new Hip Hop superstar. Rapper's like Kweli had it extremely difficult when they broke into the scene in the late 1990s because at that time, rap was smack dab in the middle of the glitzy Puff Daddy, Bad Boy era.

Recently, when asked about the adoption of his song at the tail-end of an NPR interview , without naming specific artists, Lamar commented on the obligation he feels to speak to what's really going on” and implied that many artists lack depth, though their music is fun. I dont blame you for thinking its all about hoes and guns because that is 100% all the media shows ever, but it is not rap. Initially, Common ignored the rap stating that he wasn't specifically targeting artists like Ice Cube. You see, I was a socially conscious” hip-hop head (that wasn't a slur, back then).

According to the Black Youth Project, a University of Chicago study released in January, the overwhelming majority of young people, especially blacks, believe rap videos portray black women negatively. The base of all such music is the belief that only knowledge of ones' self and personal enlightenment can bring a change. I completely agree that there was consciousness in their music but I think it was more negative than positive overall.

His debut, ‘Can I Borrow A Dollar', is probably not one of the best albums he has made, the album consisted of less Conscious and more of a young punks attitude. Tiye Phoenix is a musical prodigy who has been navigating the music industry since the 90's. Legendary rap group Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five released the game changing single The Message” in 1982.

So I'm not sure if it's a value judgment about rap being by black people versus people not really giving it a chance because of limited exposure to the genre. However, my experience differs with respect to punk rock and heavy metal in that I have heard some (mostly older) white people say that it isn't really music...it's just loud noise. I agree with your sentiments on Kendrick's music and how he approaches the content he creates. Rap is not singing in most cases, because singing includes pitch and key as well as rhythm. Again Rap may be music but a Rapper is not a musician, unless he can sing, play, or compose.

Very few have put together the amount of impressive rhymes that KRS has, and whether he's done it with his group Boogie Down Productions or on his own, the Blast Master is clearly the best conscious rapper of all time. I agree some of the conscious rappers exaggerate their rhymes to make themselves seem more intelligent then they actually are but at the top positive rap artists end of the day they are STILL RAPPERS. I could definitely see this being a theme in many of these artistic avenues; film, comedy, and music.

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