Ball Handling Basketball Camp

Probably the most obvious thing in basketball is that if a team can't shoot then they can't score, and if a team can't score then the team won't win. If you neglect the hand that's not very strong, then you limit your potential as a basketball player in a big way. Hold the ball out in front of you and pass it back from hand to hand using only your finger tips. The objective of the programme is to cover all areas related to the drop by drop and handling. Execute a QUICK hop stop and dribble the ball from front to back between your legs.

Attacking him, embarrassing him, scoring on him at will until the opposing coach substitutes in the next victim to attempt to stay in front of you… Explosive ball handling isn't like any training you've seen before. Rather than trying to put on some great move and go by someone, the novice point guard should concentrate on a low dribble, protecting the ball with ball handling basketball their body and an arm bar, then advance the ball up the floor using 45 degree angles.

This time, dribble the ball low and quick with your right hand, bring it slowly between your legs, and then switch possession to the left hand. Fabritz has years of experience training basketball players at every level, including NBA superstar James Harden. At Advantage Basketball Camps we follow an intensive regimen of repetition and practice Students will do 3,000 to 5,000 reps per day of several skill-developmental drills. Also, keep it a proper practice not to look at the ball and instead look right ahead.

Learning to handle the basketball at the pro level takes time, but is easy to do. Most of these workouts require at least 20-40 minutes of practice a few times a week. Keep in mind that coaches are going to be looking at your to make sure that you're using the proper moves, in the proper situations, and putting the ball between your legs is no different if you're a guard. Of course, you should be looking ahead and not down at the balls as you work on making your ball handling better.

As you begin to step with your right foot, lift the ball in your right hand and, rather than dribbling it on your right side as you did on your first dribble, slightly cup the ball, and move it behind your back in a circular, descending angle. When doing all drills involving dribbling, it is extremely important that you keep your head up. You must be able to see where you are going and where your teammates are so you can pass them the ball when they are open.

In my program you will learn proven, effective, and timeless drills that will not only improve hand and eye coordination, but will also improve ball handling skills and confidence to a place you haven't been before. As mentioned dribbling is not always the best way to go. More often passing is the preferred method of moving the ball down the court.

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